Special Educational Needs and Disabilities



At Sunflowers Pre-School we aim to provide high quality provision for all children. If you have any concerns about any aspect of your child's learning or development please discuss these with our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator who is Louise Jaycock- Deputy Manager or Louisa Cowler- Manager. For any health concerns please speak to your GP or Health Visitor.

Speech and Language/Signposting


As children are developing their language and communication skills sometimes concerns can arise. We can offer advice on Speech and Language drop in clinics and any other organisation that we feel may need to support you and your child. We will then fully support any advice they have and keep you fully updated on their progress.

Enabling Environment


We will aim to put in place any enhancements to the provision for any child that may need them to be able to fully access the environment. 

A 'WELLCOMM' screening tool is used in a fun way to gain awareness of whether your child is using and understanding language appropriately for their chronological age.